Benedict Cumberbatch ... and George Formby?

Not often do I dream of a celebrity - when I dream of people I know, I usually dream of ordinary people much closer to home. People I know, or relatives.

So you can imagine how weird I felt when I dreamed that Benedict Cumberbatch was some sort of villain with world domination on his mind. Not as some character in a forthcoming JJ Abrams movie - the actor himself.

At first, he thought I'd be useful because of my dream ability to phase through walls. Some people fly in their dreams. I phase through walls, and even swim through the ground. Go figure. But later in the dream, I was apparently surplus to requirements so he was content to leave me sidelined in a room that I supposedly couldn't phase through.

You'd have thought he'd have learned to lock the door of the room, though.

In the next dream, I was a passenger on a bus. I wanted to stop at a clearly-marked bus stop, but apparently the driver didn't want to stop there - in fact, he seemed a bit hysterical and actually floored it as I asked him repeatedly - so again, I phased through the wall of the bus. I ended up about half a mile from where I had to get off, so I had a bit of a walk.

And on the way there, I bumped into another famous face - this one a bit more dead: the late George Formby. For some reason, he was leaning against his lamp post, playing his famous ukulele ... and for some reason the tune he was playing was a cover of The Police's Roxanne.

You don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your boy to the night ...

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