For some reason, I was inside some sort of catering marquee, and I was in charge of catering at a wedding or some sort of polite outdoor garden do. I never saw what it was; I was just catering for it. I've zero experience of catering for public events, so why I was doing this, I cannot even guess.

I was in a hurry to make sure that there was enough food on the buffet to cater for a very large crowd, so I was running around making sure that the food was being prepared, and keeping what looked like a small army of cooks and staff in line. On occasion someone would come in, grab a covered platter of fresh hors d'oeuvres and disappear out of the catering marquee; and one old man stumbled in, dressed in a tuxedo, balding, looked like the actor Leslie Phillips, and he could not seem to understand that this was not the beer tent - that the beer tent was next door.

I never even got to see the happy couple.

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