The Special Spectacles

A particularly intense one, today.

While visiting my folks, they called me into the living room, and told me that an item they'd bought mail order had finally arrived in the post. They wanted me to have it as a present.

I opened the parcel and discovered a spectacle case and a pair of special spectacles inside. These specs, which looked like the 3D specs you can buy in a cinema, allowed the wearer to see through the heaviest clothes - real Superman-style X-Ray vision. Taking care not to look at the folks through them, because some things one really does not want to see even in a dream, I called my two exes downstairs - apparently they'd both dropped by to visit me and come with me to visit the folks, and they'd both gone upstairs for some reason.

I expected to see the two of them walk into the room, and I really hoped I'd get to enjoy seeing whether or not these specs worked as per, well, spec. I only caught a glimpse of them as they came downstairs, and it looked as if they worked because I caught glimpses of flesh - and I knew they both had jeans and thick cardigans on.

The alarm, sadly, spoiled my fun before they could come into the room so I could see them fully.

Maybe tonight, I can continue the dream. Wish dreams came with save points.

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