Snake Dream

In this dream, apparently I was being attacked by a snake of a species I had never seen before. Its dorsal surface was black, very glossy; but its ventral surface and the lower half of its head were a very bright, almost golden yellow.

This snake insisted on attacking me; it had one hell of a grudge, and its bite was extremely venomous. Nonetheless, as it attacked me and launched a strike aimed at biting my face, I intercepted and caught it and held it gently behind its head.

I held it firmly and forced it into a basket, where it lay coiled for some time. Every now and then, I would feed the snake a mouse to make sure it didn't starve; and I'd hold the basket close to me, so my body warmth would ensure it never got too cold.

In the end, after a period of this sort of treatment, I took out the snake, again holding him behind his head very gently, and allowed him to slide up my arm and around the back of my neck, where my body warmth would make him feel comfortable.

Thus it was that I had, by turning hostility into trust and cooperation, mastered this snake and put paid to his grudge.

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