The Clone Child - A Legend Dream

I was a sorcerer, in the Legend setting. A mature, childless couple, a man and a woman, came up to me as I sat in court. The woman was clutching a bundle of cloth in her arms. They looked ashen-faced, their faces lined with grief.

The woman stepped forwards, and laid the bundle on the dais at my feet. She gently laid her hand on the tiny bundle, and took a step back.

"Did you do as I asked you to do?" I asked the husband. He nodded, stepping forwards and handing me a wooden box. I opened it, and took out the large cabochon oval-cut ruby inside it. I could feel a wispy, writhing scrap of misty light moving slowly within it. "You placed it on its forehead before it expired," I said. Again, the man nodded.

"It is time," I said, getting up, picking up the bundle and unwrapping part of it.

The bundle was a baby. A tiny little thing, that had lived only so briefly.

I looked at the parents, and nodded. "I can do this," I told them. "This old flesh will give birth to flesh anew, albeit an empty vessel; and this," I added, holding up the jewel, "shall fill it with the essence of your lost boy."

And then I turned behind me, to look at the tank of green-yellow fluid waiting at the back, ready to begin cloning.

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