Chat About A Dream

Chat transcript concerning a dream I had just recently ...

Me: "Oh hey - did you know that I dreamed of you the other night?"

T: "Nope. I did not know that. Was it a good dream?"

Me: "It was. It was the day of my first teleportation attempt. I'd only wanted to try teleporting between my house and my flat - I ended up at your neck of the woods instead, a little further out than I'd aimed for.

"I met you and ******. And you had a task for me."

T: "LOL Sounds interesting, and what task did I have for you?"

Me: "I was asked to put on a pair of oven gloves and to carry a piping hot pot pie of some sort to a neighbour who lived a couple of miles down the road.

"I teleported there, and I discovered that the neighbours were a really friendly gay couple. Tall, athletic build, one of the two was bald. The other had silver hair, but I could not see his face - he was busy putting on the music."

T: "O_o *dies* I was making pot pies for Charles and Erik?"

Me: "I was definitely dreaming in colour. It was the gayest, Pridiest place I'd seen. Big party planned. Someone's wedding, coming out, Bar Mitzvah, whatever it was. But yeah - it could've been."

T: "Oh gods."

Me: "They had this big rainbow arch of balloons and Pride flags and everything."

"I was a teleporter. I was made to feel welcome. I would, wouldn't I?"

"Damn, it felt like home. Both at your place and at the neighbours'."

T: "Cool."

-- So I not only dreamed of Texas, and of my bestie who lives there - and her friend of long standing - but I also got to drop by Professor X and Magneto in their Texas holiday home or whatever the place was, and was made to feel at home in both places. Mi casa, etc. All I would have needed to finish the dream off properly would have been a posh woman with blonde hair who can turn into diamond, or maybe the blue girl with the copper hair.

Mutant and proud.

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  1. Charles and Erik must have really been trying to hide out if they came to Texas. I don't see Raven or Emma staying here for long, however. Not without blowing up the conservatives who are preventing women from controlling our own bodies.


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