2013 09 11 Nautilus House Dream

My sister and a friend of hers from her youth, Carlotta, were visiting town, and I had a chance to meet up with them.

Bird told me that she'd found a nice home to stay in for the last few weeks. She took me to see it. It was a vast, sprawling house with an interesting design - multiple chambers descending in a rough spiral format based loosely on the shape of a nautilus lying on its side, with the main entrance and largest room facing me.

Carlotta, Bird and I entered the chambered house, going through room after room, each one separated by short flights of steps. In one room, Bird did a little dance in front of a full-length mirror which filled the wall. Strangely enough, each of these new rooms was the exact same size as the first, despite all the laws of physics indicating that they should have grown smaller, the closer we got to the centre.

After several such rooms - games room, bedrooms, access corridors, garage - we reached a set of rooms which looked like a second living room, three or four split levels, each with sofas, easy chairs, television sets and coffee tables - and a vestibule visible at the far end, with another entrance beyond. This, despite the fact that technically, we should have been at the centre of the structure.

Abruptly and unexpectedly, we heard the sound of someone trying the keys in the front door. Shadows moved in the vestibule as the front door opened beyond.

My sister and Carlotta screamed "They're back early! Run!" and bolted. I turned, and before I could even move they were already halfway through the far entrance. I had to follow them, but I could hardly move. I knew that the owners of the house that my sister and Carlotta had clearly burgled would be in any moment, and I barely halfway across the widest of the middle living room layers, with three levels to cross before I could even reach the far door, let alone get out of line of sight of the people coming in through the vestibule ...

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