And Blood Again

So, then, on Sunday 1023 09 29 I woke up from a vivid dream.

I've been writing a short story in the Astribel setting - the setting of my novel-length unpublished stories The Silver Touch, The Gilded Saidara and The Shadowed Art - in advance of next month's challenge for the Chester Fantasy Writers' Club.

The theme: "Elemental Forces."

The protagonist: Hardie Camplin.

The title: "Consultant."

When I went to bed the night before, I had no idea how to advance in the story. The characters had broken down the door to the client's workshop, and they'd come out with a box containing a brooch - gold filigree with red gemstones.

I had no idea how to continue from there.

Until I dreamed of pricking my thumb with a clasp pin, and watching blood pouring out of the wound, turning to pomegranate juice before it could hit the ground. Then I knew how to get to the ending.

So that's three novels so far, and a fourth one waiting to be written in November during NaNoWriMo, and three short stories so far - "Sanna's Sentence," "Scarred" and now "Consultant."

I now have a setting, a consistent background shared between the stories, characters who are equally as consistent, believable and realistic in every story - and a canon corpus just dying to be received amongst a whole generation of fans out there, begging for peeps to write their own fan fiction.

And the thing that made "Consultant" complete was another dream of blood. Mine.

I ought to dream of blood, and maybe pomegranate juice, a lot more often. Who knows how creative I could be, yes?

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