Intertwined Feet

I was in bed. I was with a lover of mine. It was a night where she'd told me that she "didn't love me that way."

I remember this as a real conversation that I had had with one of my exes. I remember how it stung me, that time. I felt just as badly hurt this time too.

While we were both lying back to back, our feet were intertwined. We were still in intimate contact ... just with our feet. It was something we had started to do during our relationship.

I turned to go to sleep, and just gently released my feet from our embrace.

A few moments later, I heard sobbing coming from her side of the bed. I sighed, and began to stroke the backs of her legs with my feet and legs, snuggling closer to her so our backs were practically touching. Gradually, our feet began to twine about one another again.

And that was it.

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