Wondrous Enchantments for Mongoose Legend - A Taster

Some tasters from Wondrous Enchantments, my Legend submission.

Required Skill

The requisite skill for members of the Enchanters' Guild is the Enchant skill.

Enchant (Category) (INT + POW)

This is a range of different skills, much as Craft comprises many different skills, each different. The categories of Enchant (category) include various types of Comestibles (one-shot enchantments which are used up), Amulets, Talismans, Periapts, Artifacts, Tattoos, Civil Enchantment (large-scale enchantments requiring Engineering rather than Craft or Mechanisms), Bindings, Wards and Disenchantment (the process of permanently stripping the magic from an enchanted item).


A talisman enhances the power of magic. Talismans are used by magicians, particularly magicians with low levels of magical skills and/or POW.

Talismans can boost the power of Common Magic, Sorcery, Manipulation, Concert, Summon and even Enchant skills. A Talisman which works for one skill will not work for other skills, unless those other skills are included as part of the enchantment: a Common Magic-boosting Talisman will not work for Sorcery; a Sorcery (Black Book of Death) Talisman will not work with a user's Sorcery (Green Book of Life) skill, and so on.

Talismans can aid enchantment. A single general Enchant (Comestibles) Talisman covers the enchantment of every kind of consumable enchantments: a general Enchant (Wonders) Talisman boosts the enchantment of all kinds of permanent Wonder, regardless of type.

A Talisman can be any size: a tiny brooch pin, an ornate staff or anything in between. Talismans can be of any material, and be as simple or as intricate as the crafter's skill will allow. Traditional Talismans include rings, rods, crowns, showstones - large pendants mounted on heavy precious metal chains - and of course, wizard's staffs. Non-traditional Talismans have included caps, dice, toys, puzzles and even one Talisman which was tattooed onto the wizard's chest, directly over his heart.

Functions of Talismans

The Enchanter can choose what sorts of functions the Talisman can perform to enhance spells cast through them - whether to boost magical skills, increase a sorcery spell's Intensity, add extra free Manipulation factors, or to add factors to a sorcery spell's Magnitude, Range, Duration, Targets or Combine without increasing either the Magic Points cost or requiring extra Combat Actions to cast.

A Talisman can have multiple functions; the only limit is the number of enchantment points available to the Enchanter.

Skill Boost - The Talisman provides a boost to a given magical Skill, e.g. Common Magic, Summon, Enchant or Concert. Two enchantment points add +10% to the chosen Skill.

Head Spacers - These tiny mint-flavoured sweets convey Telepathy (Legend Core Rulebook, p. 208) on the person who eats them. The user can establish a mental link with one person with no more than 15 INT. The person must be touched, requiring a successful Unarmed attack roll if the target is unwilling, and an unwilling target can resist with Evade. A 1 ENC bag contains around 60 Head Spacers. Cost 5 SP per sweet.

Linguist Gel - This paste is clear, tasteless and has a slightly oily texture. The user must take a small amount of this paste, no more than a fingertip, and swirl it about inside his mouth and tongue, letting it form a layer inside his mouth. For six hours, the user has full access to the Linguist Heroic Ability. The drawback is that no food or drink must pass the user's lips during that time; not even water. One pot of this gel contains 40 doses. Cost per pot:- 125 SP.

Mystic - This clear, blackcurrant-flavoured potion centres and calms the drinker, bringing his awareness into sharp focus. This potion releases a Magnitude 5 spell that grants +50 to Meditation for ten minutes. Cost per 10 dose bottle: 85 SP.

Marren's Hot Sauce - One mouthful of this spicy stuff burns in the mouth and throat. The drinker who swallows a mouthful of this sauce projects a gout of flame, equivalent to a Dragon's Breath spell (see Legend Core Rulebook, p. 164). This is Magnitude 2 and Instant. There is a drawback - the user must make a Resilience roll immediately, or sustain 1 Hit Point of damage to the head Hit Location. This damage heals quickly, though - 1 hour to heal. Cost per 10 dose bottle: 25 SP.

Desert Gear

A complete desert suit, covering every part of the body except the eyes. As long as it is worn, the outfit protects the wearer from the heat of the desert, as well as protection from the need to rest and drink water: the wearer is under the influence of Abjure Fatigue and Abjure Sustenance for as long as the clothing is worn, along with a Chill spell to reduce the core temperature to normal and protect against the heat of the day.

To protect from the cold at night, the wearer bears an amulet which offers Abjure Cold. Costs: Desert suit 500 SP, cold amulet 250 SP.

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