I'd been invited by a friend to come to attend a lecture he was delivering. The invitation said that it would be in my best interests to come. So I came.

The lecture was taking place in this old-fashioned circular auditorium. For some reason, the lecturer had to deliver his lecture from a tall stand which looked like a cross between a church pulpit and the dock in a British court, from which so many defendants had to plead for their freedom.

True to form, the friend - who apparently was on my Facebook f'list as a member of the legal profession - was present, in silks and wig, delivering his speech from the pulpit. It was something about his hobby - managing a universe.

The gentleman, apparently, had a server farm - quite a massive one, and top of the range - and he was running a simulation of the universe with it. Every galaxy, star, dust cloud, planet - it even boasted a simulation of a whole bunch of worried philosophers, concerned that they may be living inside a holographic universe.

It was a stirring lecture. A pity that his audience was so unappreciative, because the organisers had seen fit to turn the auditorium into a Kindergarten. Infants and toddlers, hassled parents, you name it. The poor guy was delivering his impassioned lecture at high volume, but it wasn't quite high enough to cut through the wailing kids.

Finally, my learned colleague brought his unfortunate lecture to a close. Everybody started filing out of the auditorium, myself included. I hadn't got far when my friend caught up with me. He'd taken off his wig, and he appeared still to be enthusiastic about something - it couldn't have been by the reception of his lecture by the audience.

It turned out that he had invited me to attend because he was going to offer me a job running the server farm for him while he was away in Australia for a year.

The closing words of the dream were "How much experience have you had in running a universe?"

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