The Entranced Client

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I received a call from someone who was interested in becoming a client of mine, receiving regular hypnosis and being tranced regularly. She told me that she would make it worth my while.

She made the arrangements. I would travel up to Birmingham the following day, meet her, be taken to the venue and there I would put her in the first of many regular hypnotic trances. She wanted to experience going in deep. She wanted to be tranced so hard.

The venue turned out to be a very posh hotel. She booked the two of us in - I noticed that she'd booked us both in to one double room under "Mr and Mrs Smith."

In the room, I tranced her with an obsidian wand, deepened it, gave her triggering instructions, everything. I brought her in and out of trances, gave her visions of flowers on her lap and strewn throughout the room, and had her talking to people who weren't there. What she experienced was absolutely real.

In the morning, she gave me a large wodge of money for my troubles, and told me she'd need my services again next week. The best thing was that I didn't put that in her head at all. She was that satisfied with my skills.

Then the alarm went off, and that was it.

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