I was in town, walking along King Street late at night, minding my own business.

King Street looked the way it used to, before the new bus station - just parallel rows of rickety old shelters, grimy and filthy, run-down after many years of neglect, as compared to the modern bus station which was built looking run down.

This was on the opposite side of King Street to the location visited in this dream; buses went into the stands on this side, and they emerged on the side in that other dream.

The dream reminded me of the evening I was wandering along toward my bus stand with one of my exes, from way back. And someone came up to me here, just as someone did when I was walking along with my ex - and I knew there was going to be a harangue coming.

Sure enough, the harangue started, with this old woman in a shabby blue coat waving a wooden plus sign crucifix at me, hollering about how I was some sort of evil, Satanic, mind-controlling, eye-in-the-pyramid, Illuminati Mason.

I had to stop her and correct her on one point.

I am not a Mason.

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