A Dream To Make Your Skin Crawl

I was returning home, after what turned out to be three or four months away. There was no issue with the bills - the rent issue was handwaved away.

In the flat, everything was pitch black. No power. Everything was dusty as hell, and cobwebs were all over everything. However, nothing in the flat had been touched - all of my books and stuff were where I'd left them. Just nobody'd been in to dust anything.

And then I went to the bedroom, and here is where things got squicky, because when I moved the pillow on the bed, something like this happened.

Everything just poured out from under the pillow - woodlice, millipedes, spiders, just boiling out from underneath the pillow like a squirming flood of invertebrates, scattering across the bed in all directions.

When I woke up, I swear I can't remember actually transitioning from horizontal to vertical. All I remember is lying on the bed ... and then standing, peering down at the bed in a cold sweat.

(Naturally, I was curious, and moved the pillow anyway. It's clean. No bugs in my bed).

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