Subliminal, A Superhero

This morning, I was a kind of real life superhero type, dressed in inky black, masked, no cape. My hero name is Subliminal, and my power ... hypnosis.

(I need to get an outfit for this. Oh, and an emblem. Any suggestions?)

Some people think that hypnosis stems from the eyes, or perhaps from props - in my RLSH persona, Subliminal always has a piece of black obsidian glass with him, and his powers can only be accessed through being in contact with that piece of obsidian - but in truth, the real power of hypnosis stems from two things: the voice; and the mind of the subject.

My dreams have no such restriction. I have an ability in my dream to entrance and suborn people around me, whether or not they have been entranced previously. It's an ability that is almost like telepathy, in that it requires no prior vocal contact with the subject - only proximity.

In the comics, characters with the ability to hypnotise and entrance people are routinely painted as the villains. The villain typically controls the minds of one or more of the protagonists, suborns their minds and forces them to work against the team to secure some device which grants the tist uncommon levels of power to influence thousands of minds, typically in some sort of an event such as a live sports match being broadcast from a major sports stadium and heavily televised.

In truth, the most powerful hypnotic minds would not need to be a villain. Imagine their futures as entertainers, celebrity therapists, negotiators, diplomats, leaders ... the ability to influence is the power which defines leaders of all kinds, and it is integral to both power seekers and seducers alike.

There are days when I wish I had this kind of comic book power, working on people without my having to induce them first and keeping my real world ability to induce with words in reserve. Still, what I have is close enough. It is still useful, even if it does take a lot of hard work. And it is very powerful.

Still, it would be nice to be Subliminal in real life. Even if only for a moment.

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