On Point

For some reason, I was on protection duty. There was this family - mother, her boyfriend, bunch of kids - and somebody was attempting to pick them off. Rooftop sniper type.

The streets were narrow, tall, curved. The boyfriend got one in the back of the next as we approached the hotel - the front of the hotel was this colonnade, rather like the Grosvenor Hotel in the middle of Chester.

Somebody had been feeding the sniper our whereabouts. I'd figured it to have been the boyf, till he caught one and went down.

That left the blonde and her three, or was it five, kids.

I saw one of them, a girl, standing at the window. Roofs across the way. I roughhoused her to the ground to get away from the damned window. There he was, roof opposite, silhouetted against the sky right across from us. I was screaming "Sighting confirmed! Sighting confirmed! Point three! Point three!" into a head mike.

The location shifted. We were in some subtropical country. Hot, dusty, mountains in the distance. The sniper could strike from anywhere.

Then it turns out that the contact I'd been speaking to on my head mike happened to be a TV show producer. We had been his entertainment. He'd been feeding the sniper our locations and setting up the kills. And now the sniper was going to come after us.

Except that the producer had decided to prolong the agonies by making this final show of the series a two-parter.

So in this dream, I finished off the producer with a device in his car, and told him "Your show has been cancelled."

Thing is, if I was doing a cosplay, people automatically think I'd make a great Penguin from Batman - that, or if it were LoTR or fantasy LARP, I make a perfect hobbit / halfling.

When the hell did I start dreaming of being some sort of ex-SAS type?

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