I was in some sort of a building, and I had the task of smuggling an item out of this building for some reason.

The item was, would you believe it, a Browning automatic pistol, which I had concealed between two folded towels. I was dressed like some a member of staff, and carrying the towels was one of the duties of staff apparently because suited security guards kept letting me and my silent female partner through all the blocks unsearched.

Then two guards in what looked like police riot gear stood in our way. I could hear a weird blooping. They said it was radiation, and we needed decontamination. It didn't sound like a Geiger counter though. Nonetheless, they led me and the woman into another room, where I was asked to put the towels down in a laundry basket. One of the orderlies whispered "I'm the next link in the relay chain. Leave the towels and the package with me," before leading me to a room with a bed and a chair and ordering me to sit for an hour to await the results from the decontam.

And that was it.

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