Dreams of Strong Cops

I'd just watched an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit last night, and the scene at the end of the episode must have stuck in my head.

I was in a New York bar, passing by a table. Alex Eames from the old Major Case unit and Olivia Benson from NYPD's Special Victims were sitting at a table, enjoying drinks. I passed by their table and felt like I'd just brushed past two major Marvel characters, on the scale of Melinda May and Black Widow. Power coming from these women was palpable.

So I was sitting at my table, drinking a club soda, and they approached me. They'd seen me looking at them in passing, and at first they behaved as if they thought I was unaware that they were cops. I invited them to sit, or stand - they chose to stand - and they asked me why I'd been giving them the eye. I told them that I'd either pegged them for two yuppies celebrating a major win and landing a decent bonus apiece, or some sort of agents or police detectives who'd just broken some sort of case. They showed me their badges. I wasn't bothered.

I invited them back to my place, because I was about to cook some pasta. They declined, until I told them that I was making the pasta from scratch - pasta flour, eggs, some salt. I had tomato puree, salami, some other ingredients - pesto was in there somewhere - and I could easily stretch to three people.

I then cut to the kitchen, where they stood watching me cook this pasta, kneading the dough. I cut it into small rectangles and put ingredients into them - instant ravioli, which I slung into a pan to boil. They came out perfect.

The dream then cut to some other situation, much later. I was in bed, with both women in bed with me, one either side. None of us had any clothes on. It was at this point that things got really hot.

I used a technique called sleep hypnosis on both women, something I'm very familiar with - I have used it on many of my lovers - and gave them instructions for their waking state. When they started getting up, I used one of the triggers on them, and watched them return instantly to a deep trance. I gave them further instructions at that point, and when I brought their conscious minds back into the room it was as if they were just getting up.

I had to test the extent of the instructions again, by watching them both get dressed and just as they were getting ready to set off, I gave them an instruction that basically made them just stay where they were, standing, carrying on chatting, and another instruction to make them take all their clothes off again while we chatted about inconsequential stuff.

It was fun to watch them strip naked, talking about their old partners and boring stuff about getting the paperwork done. A moment later, I released them to put on their clothes - which they thought they were putting on for the first time that morning. No memory of having worn those clothes earlier.

Once again, once they were fully dressed, I just hit them with the "strip naked" instruction again, and watched them remove all their clothes in front of me.

I could do that all day, but the alarm went off. Bad alarm. Bad, bad alarm.

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