I can't remember much about what I dreamed this morning - I was among a crowd of people, it was dark, it was icy cold, and people were drawing big blankets through a ditch filled with water and throwing them onto a pile, presumably to freeze into some sort of structure of iced-up blankets. There might have been a shelter beneath that pile, something that had been dug into the almightily cold ground.

Like a blanket igloo, fashioned like a papier mache sculpture only with blankets of ice instead of newspaper strips soaked in glue.

But one line stuck out from that dream - something somebody said to me, paraphrasing Bulwer-Lytton.

E.G. Bulwer-Lytton once said "Art and Science have their meeting point in Method."

But this person's line to me was this.

"Experience and Perception have their meeting point in Consciousness."

"Experience" refers to one's engrams, one's collection of rules - one's natural organic knowledge base of physical and emotional responses and reactions. "Perception" refers to the stimuli of one's senses, which trigger specific patterns of engrams to activate their coded behaviours. The two coming together produce a set of behaviours which the mind interprets as Consciousness.

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