The Big Job

So the dream I had was just full of celebrity actors. Carel Struycken, Ed Wasser (who'd played "Mister Morden" in Babylon 5), Adrianne Palicki, Adrienne Barbeau, Angela Lansbury, Mark Ralston, Deep Roy, and the late Ron Glass, all running around in my dream like one hilarious episode of Murder, She Wrote.

There was an Oceans Eleven - style con job to liberate a very large deposit of cash which included some of Jessica Fletcher's savings, hence Angela turning up here and there. Adrienne (Barbeau) was a "reporter," "Anita Smith"; Ed Wasser was "Dr Morris," handing out the sedative injections as a "fever" swept a bank courtesy of a drug being slipped into the food and drinks by Carel Struycken's character "Temperance."

My dream never made it clear why the staff and security were eating and drinking in a bank. Shush. My unconscious was on a roll here.

Ron Glass was typecast as "Father Carmody," actually "Jim "The Gecko" Harrison" because of his sticky fingers (he was a pickpocket, not a second-storey man). Adrianne (Palicki) was both Wasser's assistant "Nurse Rowley" and "Anita Smith's" unnamed camera person, and she was apparently a former quick-change artiste, and if that gave you an image of Adrianne Palicki naked, feel free to indulge.

It all turned out to be a beautifully-orchestrated scheme to murder someone. Deep Roy, who'd appeared in the dream here and there, was an author whose stories had been cruelly rejected by an editor, "Larry Butler" (Ralston), who then went and plagiarised Deep Roy's character's book. "Butler" knew that Deep Roy's character was not very tall, but did not suspect that Struycken's character "Temperance" was, in fact, the author's brother, and who'd fed "Butler" drinks from a glass which had been smeared with a trace of peanut butter, knowing that "Butler" had a lethal peanut allergy.

I got as far as Jessica Fletcher nabbing Deep Roy's character, but not apparently in time to save any of the other characters, whose murders he'd arranged after they'd stolen the money: apparently, he'd sprayed the notes with a contact poison, which killed all the swindlers once they came into contact with the now-lethal money.

And I guess I learned something here today. "There is no profit in revenge," or maybe "J Michael Straczynski, please get out of my fucking head."

Image of Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote (Angela Lansbury)
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