The See-Through Invasion

Apparently, there were these two species living here on Earth, invisible and intangible to humans - more or less. The first lot were benign, dwelling in copper-hulled phallic flying ships propelled by grav suspension and rotary wings, and they'd been visitors here for many years, living among humans in peace.

The others were new arrivals, destroyers, hunters after the first, benign species. Their silver-hulled ships were of a similar design, but boasted more advanced propulsion and powerful electric arc weapons. There was a war, and the copper-hulled ships were losing in spectacular Space: 1999 level fashion.

As a refugee of the benign species, apparently I was on the road, watching the war going on all around. Cut off from my people, I stumbled across a narrow road leading off to the side, bounded on both sides by thick hedgerows. A car was barrelling down towards me, and I had no choice but to tun to the end of the road, where there was this shack and a bunch of guys, what looked like farmers, who were surgically sterilising livestock. I got the distinct impression that they may have considered me to be livestock too, and that the whole place might be a trap, something they had set up for many years - so they had lots of practice.

I phased through the back wall of the hut, and found myself amid more undergrowth. Then someone hauled me up onto the roof, attached a harness to me and hauled me up into the sky. I looked down, and saw three bodies lying still in the back of the farm. Apparently the back of the farm was ringed with a thicket of "rage trees," intangible alien flora from the invaders' home world, impassable to either of our species. The trap was the back yard, where three of the invaders would close in on their prey; with no way out but through the back wall of the shack and into the waiting arms of the rest of the invaders, their prey would have had little hope.

Apart from the stranger who was now hauling me up to safety, to an invisible ship hovering overhead, using stealth rotors to mask its sound. An invisible ship which was not only intangible like my species, but also imperceptible and cloaked to everyone.

I got the impression that, as soon as I was safe on board, this ship would have proceeded to use its weapons to reduce that farm below me to ashes.

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