The Seer Princess

This one comes over as kind of a fairy tale, but I was statting up the characters for the Legend fantasy roleplaying game like crazy today.

The story begins halfway across the world where I, a lonely poor wanderer, stumble across a silver ring lying in the midden pile onto which I'd been thrown from my erstwhile lodgings, along with all my worldly possessions - most of which I was wearing.

The silver ring had a large cabochon amethyst mounted on it. Putting the ring on, I admired it - then decided it needed a clean, so I rubbed it with my sleeve.

Guess what popped up next ...

The genie offered wishes to me. I asked it if it could take me to my true love; and I was whisked off to some far-off land, with another kingdom on its border. The difference between both kingdoms was easy to see - the kingdom next door was ruled by a sullen, angry King, ruling by force of arms; but the kingdom I'd been transported into was much fairer, ruled by a much nicer King; a kingdom of blue mountains rather than dark, forbidding crags, blue skies and rolling meadows rather than its reflection's dark forests and twisting roads.

Apparently, the bad guy next door had poached something of great value from the good King - his daughter, the Seer Princess. A young woman of cold, haughty demeanour, born blind at birth, but gifted with remote vision through an eyeless domino mask, a ceramic milk-white thing attuned to her which only she could put on, use or remove.

I sneaked across the border and entered the bad guy's castle, quickly locating the Seer Princess alone in a well-lit room, a magnificent blonde woman wearing a voluminous kingfisher blue silk gown, the ceramic seer mask firmly attached to her face. She greeted me and told me to enter, and told me to close the door.

I didn't need to explain what I was doing there - she already knew. When I asked her to come with me, she agreed - but told me to wait until the coast was clear. Two guards were heading along the corridor, but apparently they were only interested in a freshly-opened cask of ale down in the kitchen. Apparently, her seer abilities extended to divining the motives of people she spied on, as well.

I stole a horse and rode with her back to the kingdom, where she explained to me that, while I was most pleasing fair to her, she could never be my true love. However, she did arrange to gift me with a suitable reward - a place of my own with wealth, courtesy of her father the King, who sought to reward me for bringing home his chief Minister of State Intelligence.

It was then that I called up the genie and asked it if it had truly delivered me to my true love. It told me that it had - that my true love was adventuring.

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