Hypnosis In A Dream

I was out in town, in an older part of town with narrow, red brick streets, cobbled roads and terraced housing. This was a residential area with a small store, and I'd just finished shopping in that store - I came out with a joint of meat wrapped in old-fashioned wax paper, carried in a bag - when I noticed a woman looking at me from her living room window, from just behind a red curtain with a floral pattern. The window, too, was old - a wooden frame painted red, the same colour as the door, lintel and doorstep.

The woman was mature, with short red hair and green eyes. I remember looking squarely at those eyes, and catching her attention. I didn't know if she wanted someone to talk to, or even for anyone to notice that she was there at all - but I went over to her door and knocked on it.

When she answered, I asked her if there was a reason for looking at me. She led me into her room and sat down. I took out my wand - a ritual tool which is essentially a big obsidian - and gently pointed the tip of it at her Ajna chakra, bringing it up to her forehead to establish the "animal magnetism" connection that Franz Mesmer described.

Hard to describe "animal magnetism." It's a different feeling from hypnosis. It's a feeling more like a physical attraction, compelling movement towards the source - in this case, between the woman and the tip of the crystal wand.

As I brought the wand up to her Ajna chakra, the spot right between her eyes above the bridge of her nose, the wand did its thing. The woman's eyelids fluttered closed. I touched the tip of the wand to her forehead, gently brushing her skin, and she sighed and sank back into the chair, her body relaxing and growing flaccid as she sank deeply into a trance.

I asked her what she wanted. Her unconscious responded with moans and gasps. I asked her how long it had been since she'd experienced intimacy. She replied "A long time." I asked her if she wanted intimacy now, and she hissed "Yesssss" through her teeth, her body arching.

Damned alarm. Lousy timing.

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