Cult Leader - 2011 10 02

I'd like to describe a dream I'd recently had.

I found myself in a street at night full of people - young men and women. At a glance, I could compel them to do my bidding. So I made young women chase after young men, and gay men and lesbians find appropriate romance.

Then I had another idea. Summoning every couple I'd entranced to my side, surrounding myself with young, sexually-aroused couples, I commanded them to follow me. I knew of a place nearby where they could indulge their carnal passions freely.

I seem to have a lot of abandoned buildings, mostly hotels, in my dreams. This one had a vestibule, a lobby with a reception desk, and a room with a massive oval jacuzzi which, against all probability, still had running water and electricity, and a transparent dome overhead the same shape as the jacuzzi below.

I led the six couples into the jacuzzi room, past a little kitchen off to one side of the corridor, and told the couples to disrobe and enter the pool.

Then, before I could disrobe, I heard someone at the glass double doors of the front entrance, knocking, asking to come in. It was Mum and Dad, with one of Mum's brothers and his wife (Aunt-in-law?).

I ushered them into the kitchen area, and asked them to settle down and pour themselves a cuppa while I went into the back room to explain to the guests that they might have to leave. I hadn't taken two steps into the jacuzzi room when I realised that Mum and the in-law had followed me.

And they were standing right behind me when they caught the sight of six couples, in the jacuzzi, all stark naked, standing up "in the presence of the Master," as one of the young men said.

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