Inspirations for Greentown: Legend Fantasy Roleplaying

I've taken up my pen again to begin writing two books to follow up from The Blood Path, my Legend orcish adventure which approaches completion as I speak.

The common setting for these books is Greentown and the local region. There is a map of Greentown already available in the preview - however, I am going to put it here as well.

And then I thought that I could look for pictures of old urban sprawls, something to remind me of the decaying splendour of a town like Greentown. So I cast about for some pictures of urban street views, and came up with these ...

Real back streets from real, modern cities can often provide inspirations for fantasy settings better than any original fantasy art. After all, once you've drawn one mock Tudoresque mansion you've drawn them all; but there is a vast variety of back streets from a vast array of cities, some of which could date back centuries, and all of which have their own unique character.

I just hope that Greentown will prove to be as memorable, and as loved, a place as any setting for your Legend fantasy roleplaying games, for just this reason.

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