Temple Dream from 2010 12 19

This is one of my favourite dreams - the Temple Dream from 2010 12 19.

I have a Temple in my dream. An altar, a Chaosphere suspended over it, plain floors, walls and ceiling. The top of the walls has a long grille completely surrounding the Temple: behind this grille is a long observation gallery for Acolytes, accessible via stairs to the first floor outside the main Temple building. Just behind the altar is a shelf where I place my tools - wand, athame, pentacle, chalice and so on. One of the tools is a long Chaos staff topped with a small Chaosphere.

My dream began with word that a student from some nearby White Light Christian community had been brought to the Temple, and had been laid out before the altar, bound, gagged and hooded. Out of curiosity I went down to the Temple where, indeed, the woman was lying at the foot of the altar exactly where the Acolytes said she was. She was dressed in some kind of white blouse and trousers; she was barefoot.

I knelt and removed her hood. She had shoulder length straight blonde hair, blue eyes and this look of absolute fear and hostility. I greeted her, welcomed her to the Temple and watched her begin to struggle against her bonds.

It turned out that she had been caught by the security patrols casing the Temple, possibly out of curiosity - certainly without official sanction from her people. She froze when I brought forth my little focus, Blacklight - a wand tipped with obsidian (I always use obsidian in workings, because for some reason I have the ability to handle it). I brought it up to her eyes, and Blacklight did its trick, sending her into a trance state.

I can do this naturally. Hypnotising people is so easy. So easy.

Next, I told her body to relax, and told her conscious mind to go to a safe, warm place where it would feel warm and safe and comfortable. That left her unconscious mind in charge, and I summoned it to the front.

"Unconscious, say hello." I've done this, too. Often, a healthy unconscious is as curious as I am and as willing to talk to someone who seems to want to listen to its needs.

I gave the unconscious a couple of helpful suggestions - when I tap her on the shoulder her conscious and unconscious minds swap places, her conscious goes to the safe, warm place and I talk directly to her unconscious mind again - and a couple of other suggestions which I thought would come in handy. Then I made one final suggestion.

"When I tap you on the shoulder, you will awake. Your bonds will have been loosed by your struggles. You will be free, and there will be absolutely nobody else in the Temple, so you can do as you will.'

After loosening her bonds, I tapped her on the shoulder and stepped back. The girl awoke, untied herself and got up. She looked around, seeing right through me as if I wasn't there. She glanced about her one last time.

Then a sly look came over her face. I watched as she began to remove her clothes, climbed onto the altar, took the staff, kissed the Chaosphere at the tip and, well. Don't know what happened next, because the damned alarm woke me.

But by the look on her face, she seemed really into it for a White Lighter. I'd not placed any suggestions in her on how to behave - this was her, pure and simple.

I had her. I'd had her from the moment she'd allowed herself to be caught. She'd probably made a lot of noise just to draw the attention of my remarkably inattentive Acolytes.

I love my Temple dreams.

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