Lousy Dream - from 2012 09 27

I had one lousy dream this morning (the day after my brother's birthday in 2012).

I was working in some commercial establishment, in the kitchens. Outside the kitchens, in the main body of the building, the general public was dining. I was employed as some sort of sanitation staff or general gofer or something.

The kitchen staff were all clustered around the freezers, which one of them had opened. There was food inside the freezers - some member of staff had left a plate of food on top of the other food in both the freezers, it turned out.

For some reason, one of the kitchen staff, a young woman, was forking great mouthfuls of food from one of the plates into her mouth, and one of the staff had handed me a plate with what looked like a corned beef casserole and spuds, carrots, some peas. I had a fork, and just gently squashed one of the corned beef chunks.

And something emerged from inside it. A very small white worm, wriggling as it lay in the gravy.

Some others emerged, writhing about on the plate. Beside me, the young girl began retching and bolted for the staff toilets, clutching her mouth. But the worst part was that, when I looked through the windows of the kitchen, I saw two old people staring in at us, their faces pressed against the glass. They had seen everything.

And one of them was already on her mobile phone.

Last thing, I found myself on the main floor, just as the word reached the customers that there was something in the food. The last I saw before waking was the mass panic starting as customers began getting up to rush for the toilets, or or the door - presumably to hospital to get their stomachs pumped or something.

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