More Vampires?

After the last dream, I never imagined I'd have a dream where I was a vampire. But apparently, I did.

No, not the gay Goth Nosferatu from the last dream - I was me, as a bloodsucker. My face felt the same as it normally does - there were apparently no mirrors to check, not that that would have done any good - and apparently, I was in a different city to the last dream. More modern. I swear it was a modern Italian city of some sort, possibly Milan or Naples. At least the architecture was Italianate, and moreover it was gorgeous.

I was wandering in the streets, surrounded by tourists and locals, and then I met up with other vampires in the middle of the street. I had the distinct impression that I'd called the gathering, and that they had come from their domains to see me in mine. Almost as if I were Prince ... or a pretender conspiring to usurp the Prince's throne.

What I was supposed to do then was anybody's guess, because the alarm went off.

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  1. Obviously, the dream is set in Italy because of your current bent toward learning the language. It stands to reason that that's where a big part of your influence is. The rest seems to be heavily influenced by White Wolf since you were thinking in terms of domain and specifically Prince.


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