I was in the old Kelsterton College, now known as Cambria College Deeside. For some reason, I had enrolled in the college - and on the first floor, we all had lockers in the corridors.

Also for some reason I could not fathom, all I was wearing were black boxers, black socks and a black vest. I had to go and find my clothing, which was in my locker on the first floor - so I had to go through this crowded college full of students to reach it. The door lay wide open. Somebody had broken into my locker and emptied it. I had nothing to wear.

Someone informed me that the Administration Department had opened my locker and taken out its contents for security purposes, which meant that I had to go downstairs to reach Admin and claim my clothes back.

In my underwear. Through all those students.

Instead of Admin, though, the door opened onto this lobby - and to go through the lobby, I had to pass through a security tag sensor.

That was all for the first dream.

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