Still in my underwear from the last dream, I was outside in a courtyard, and I had to cross it to get to the exit on the far side. To my left, a cluster of lads sat watching me and commenting on me.

Now I wasn't content to just walk across the floor. Oh, no. I had to Parkour across it. So I was bouncing off walls and vaulting obstacles, and I made it to the exit of the courtyard in a flash - but still I could hear the lads bitching about me.

Round the corner, I spotted a place to conceal myself. I could hear the lads coming around, making comments about how they even wagered that I'd say something inane about Green Day to try and "get down wit' da kidzzzz," ingratiating myself with "yoof kalcha."

When I ambushed them, I scared the shit out of them. And I remembered saying "I know that they exist, but I'd be lying to you if I said I'd ever given a shit about them, or that I've heard so much as a single track they've released."

And that was it for the second dream.

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