Four In A Bed

And this, now, is the third in the sequence of dreams I had this morning.

After running Parkour, the lads told me that there was this room where I could get clothes to put on over my socks, boxer shorts and vest from the college dream. There was one drawback. I had to spend the night with three other people.

There were three people, who were looking for a fourth to spend in bed together. All of them. In one bed. Apparently, they were some sort of a troupe, but the fourth - an actor who played the role of a hypnotist in a play - had unfortunately dropped out. Permanently.

And so I climbed into this four-poster bed on the right-hand side, still in my undies, though by this time I'd taken off my socks - I never wear socks to bed - and I was joined by the three other people. One guy, and two women.

The one guy, who lay naked facing me, looked kind of like the comedian and actor Peter Serafinowicz, whom you might recognise from his appearance in Shaun of The Dead and the BBC's Look Around You; the mature woman, lying beside me on my left, wearing a skimpy negligee, was a mature actor who resembled Celia Imrie.

And the last woman got into bed in the far corner. This one looked like the actress Chloe Bennet from Agents of SHIELD. This iwasn't her, of course - just a very good lookalike.

A lookalike who'd had a much rougher past than the pretty young star of AoS. And who, by the way she wanted to play footsie with me under the sheets, definitely fancied me.

The lads from the Parkour dream had told me to watch out for the girl because "she's got a bit of a reputation," but I didn't buy it: and the actress' smile was warm, tender and genuine. As were the warm bodies of the other two.

In the morning, as the troupe got up, they asked me to join them in staging a play. As the young actress got up, she asked me if I would be interested in her, knowing her reputation. I told her that she does not have a reputation. At least, to me.

And that was it for the third dream.

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