More Dreams of Romance

This morning, I dreamed of being seduced by a woman I met at a convention.

This woman was one of the guests. She was a famous actress, well known for playing a role in a certain science fiction TV show. She was also a secret smoker. I'm not naming the show, or the actress.

I spotted the guest heading out onto the open air balcony outside the restaurant for a smoke. It was raining hard, and she was huddling beneath an awning, trying vainly to light up. I told her that I could temporarily help her to be smoke-free for a few hours. Imagine. No urges or cravings. Six hours.

So I hypnotised her to be smoke-free, at least temporarily. The hypnosis would wear off at midnight - at which point she could come along and find me, if she wished.

Some time later in the dream, I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel, enjoying a cup of tea, when she approached me asking me if I could help her again. Without coercion on my part, and most certainly without any kind of hypnotic suggestion, she offered to sleep with me in payment for six hours' freedom from cravings.

We spooned in bed. Due to the difference in size, I had little choice but to play small spoon, with her warm body and arms wrapped about mine. It felt sensuous; sensual.

I did not know what was to happen next. My alarm went off. But I woke up feeling warm as toast, as if she'd just got out of bed.

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