Two Romantic Dream Fragments

In the first dream fragment, the morning of December 1 2013, I was apparently in a public place somewhere - an open indoor arena of some sort, with a large crowd. Thing was, I was naked and lying in bed, with another naked guy. I was only bothered by his arm under my head because it was uncomfortable and it was giving my neck a crick.

I was fine with the whole two-naked-guys-in-bed-one-of-them-being-me thing: I was only bothered with being physically uncomfortable.

In the latest dream, the morning of Monday 2 December 2013, I was snogging a woman who had more than a passing resemblance to Lara Pulver. She was so warm. She said that she'd been drawn to my sad eyes. Intelligence so often comes with such sad eyes, and it was a crime that someone like me should have to bear that much sadness.

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