Cafe Dream

I met a friend in the local bus station. She told me to come with her to the cafe where I normally get my tea and food from in town. She wanted me to check out all of the new security measures they'd gone and installed. She told me it was the damnedest thing she'd ever seen.

I got to the cafe, and the counter had been walled in; just a tiny window with a button for the intercom. I saw the boss on the other side of the glass, and pushed money into the slot.

'Can I have a cup of tea?'

'No,' came the reply. 'It's just gone 2:30 pm, and nobody's allowed tea or coffee after two.'

I snatched back my money. Meanwhile, my friend was looking around at all the CCTVs all over the walls. The place was bristling with them.

I woke up before the dream got any further. I dreaded the thought of having to be asked the password if I'd wanted to buy a Bakewell tart.

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