Watching TV With Mum and Dad

I was watching a trailer for some new show with Mum and Dad. Looked like some new fantasy; sadly, the plot of the show was stunningly predictable.

The show was some sort of Western version of the Power Rangers - a wholly American Super Sentai, where the bad guys weren't prone to turning into kaiju and kicking over the Legoland Tokyo set every five minutes.

These 25-y.o. "teenagers" (sigh) looked E4 identikit perfect, with the leader a macho type; it looked like someone'd tried to clone James Marsden. The lead female was a big-haired blonde type, a cross between a young Jeri Ryan and a clean Hayden Panettiere. The other two were a blur. Clearly the producers were going to pitch stories exclusively centered around the lead couple, allowing the other two bites at the B plots once in a while.

They wore outfits similar to those leather flight suits in the original X-Men movie. The four of them had access to a specific elemental force. Brock, the leader (no idea why the showrunner called him Brock - "Brock" to me will always be the lovesick puppy who accompanied Ash Ketchum in the old Pokemon cartoons) had access to fire, and the collar of his outfit was lined with red piping. The lead female was not air but light, and her collar was yellow piping. I was presuming that this was to make sure they didn't accidentally put on one another's clothes in the morning, because that would have been awkward. The other two were apparently rock and sea, rather than earth and water. Producers were not doing their research, or maybe they were trying to be edgy. My money was on the latter.

Then the four of them did something very familiar.

Yup, they did a four-person whirlwind pyramid. Basically, they leaped onto each other's shoulders to form a tower of four, and they spun on the vertical axis to create a great tornado. Cue five minutes of CGI.

That was as far as I got, because Dad was getting up at that point. I guess his allergy to bullshit was kicking in something fierce. I might have inherited it too because the last thing I remember was asking Mum to use the remote to change the channel.

Pics unrelated. They just look hilarious.

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