Big Bug Nightmare

I was part of some sort of first response team, driving towards these buildings which looked somewhat like the old Humanities building on the Crispin Lane campus. The vehicle being driven was some sort of a fire engine.

We got there, and apart from the team there was nobody else on campus. Not a single student, lecturer, staff member. Not even birds or animals. The place was deathly still. Mikey, a big buff guy, jumped out on the truck and vanished into the interior, what looked like the entrance to the Catrin Finch building. He never came out again. Susanna, a big woman, the driver - she looked like my sister - decided to go in after Mikey, and I followed after her.

I peeked into the doors just in time to see a rhino-sized termite come right up out of the ground, attack her and just bite off her top half just above the hip. I realised that Mikey was probably long since gone.

The bugs were coming up through the ground, literally phasing through solid matter. And there was worse ...

... because the walls suddenly began crawling with maggots, ranging from the size of a large TV remote control to the length of a desktop table lamp and even longer. Big, fat, wiggly white witchetty grub-like monsters phasing through the walls, all over the place. Walls, floors, ceilings.

And some of them began dropping on the shoulders of my fellow first responders and sticking their jaws into people's necks.

The clock read 03:03 when I mercifully woke up.

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