One Year On, Part 3

Continuing on from part 2.

Anaesthesia in surgery must always have some effect on patients. One year ago, I was in hospital having a cholecystectomy - gall bladder removal. There had been complications, and it is those complications which haunt my dreams and nightmares and screw around with my sleep rhythms.

The anaesthetic they injected me with, one year ago, has given me some tremendous nightmares - the Museum of Hate, the Zombie Meat Grinder House - even a dream where I was in a scene from the 1979 Thames TV Nigel Kneale serial Quatermass, where society had broken down and millions of people were gathering at stone circles for aliens to harvest them. In the dream, I was in the middle of a stone circle, surrounded by a wall of people, absolutely unable to go anywhere even as the aliens' energy beam was lancing towards Earth, closer and closer ...

Today marks the first anniversary of The Great Hiatus. My scar still feels sore whenever I touch it; I still feel like a much-diminished man from my surgical experience ...

... but at least I am still alive.

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