Conlanger Convention, Emilia Clarke, Breaking The Bars Of The Cage

I was a guest at a science fiction / fantasy / horror fan convention in Bristol, one of those run along the lines of Eastercon rather than those horrific media Comic Con con jobs. The common theme was "constructed languages," so there was a heavy Stargate and Game of Thrones presence, as well as us Klingonists. A few conlangers were there representing other fandoms, such as Tolkien's Elvish and other conlangs not used in science fiction shows as yet. My job there was to be a panellist at various discussion panels throughout the event.

One interview had me leaving the hotel to chat with some radio program, or was it a podcast, under a tent in bright sunlight. Street noises and busy people, and me discussing Klingon and the latest Star Trek effort to come out of CBS Paramount - Star Trek Beyond, the All Access Star | Trek coming out soon, and of course the forthcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek on September 8 2016.

I mentioned the 50th anniversary of the Klingons' first appearance, which will be March 23rd 2017.

On the way back into the hotel, I saw one of the other celebrities standing outside trying to have a smoke, being buttonholed by fans. It was only Emilia Clarke. Apparently Maisie Williams had come out with her for a smoke, but Maisie had gone back in before her, leaving poor old Dany surrounded by walking sweatglands.

I checked the time going in, then said "Emilia, hey, you're going to be late for that televised interview thing. You asked me to remind you.' Emilia smiled, excused herself and rushed into the hotel with me, then - once we were out of earshot - she thanked me. I told her that this was a thing I've often had to do, to break things up when a convention guest gets caged by fans with no sense of personal space.

She asked if she could hang around with me for a short time, and I was about to suggest that we either head for the convention bar, the carvery or my room when the alarm went off.

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