I was in the Temple of the Damnation Army again, cleaning up the floor. It didn't matter that I was the High Priest; I made a point of putting my name on the cleaning rota like everybody else.

One of my Acolytes, a young man with a bald head, came up to me and whispered in my ear. One of the new recruits awaiting Processing was an undercover journalist. They knew who it could be, but they were not entirely sure. She was a pretty young blonde woman, wearing shades and earbuds constantly. She had been briefed that the recruits had to undergo hypnosis before they were allowed into the Temple.

Clearly, she was unwilling to undergo a trance, and she had no idea what hypnosis was capable of - but her little devices just served to make her stand out from the other recruits.

The Acolyte asked if I should set her aside for special preparations, and I replied that I had a better idea.

So I commanded ten or eleven of the prettiest Acolytes to gather in the secondary ritual room, a hexagonal chamber with a secret exit. They were to wear only bathrobes, and once inside they were to lock the door and leave through the secret exit. They were also to play the "Roman Orgy" CD we keep in the room to play over the PA.

If she wanted an expose, I felt that we should give her one.

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