Dreams Of 2013

This year, I had a crop of dreams that I was only too glad to share with you. I'm going to take a look back at a few of the highlights of 2013.

First of all, this blog was launched 2013 01 15, and the first dream I recorded was The Ugly Child. A few days later, I recorded a dream of my late brother, Sean that I'd had the previous September. This was not going to be the last dream I had of Sean this year.

Not all my dreams were nice. I recorded this terrifying vampire dream that had kept me awake.


Some of my dreams tied in to my creativity:- this orcish dream inspired my Legend adventure The Blood Path; and other dreams such as The Seer Princess and Books of Wine-Dark Red tied in with the Legend fantasy roleplaying game. There were other major Legend dreams, notably the Garden of Obsidian Statues dream which introduced Lady Jorana - a character I really need to write up the next adventure about. She really is hilariously fun as an NPC.

Vampires Again

I never seemed to run out of vampire dreams. There was this gay vampire Nosferatu in the streets of Ancient Rome, a delightful chap. Truly. But then it was my turn to play the vampire.


There were dreams where, for some reason, I was preparing food for lots of people. One of them involved a wedding; one of them, a disaster.

Food is important to me - the need to restrict my choice of food was a personal theme throughout 2013, as I was prone to having agonising flareups from my inflamed gall bladder starting late November 2012 and continuing throughout most of 2013.

Hence, I guess, all those dreams of blood and pomegranate juice substituting, at times, for ink on a page. Inasmuch as I loved food, I also love books and found myself seeing books as another form of sustenance.

Even though, in many of these dreams, I never actually got to eat anything.

Shortcuts And Getting Lost

If you're in a dream with me, and I tell you that I know a shortcut, don't follow me. My shortcuts go nowhere. My dreams have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever, and whenever I try and go anywhere in my dreams, in the end I never ever get there. I only ever seem to get more and more lost, every time.

Hypnosis and Magic

I'm no stranger to hypnotising people. It made sense that I would be hypnotising people in some of my dreams. I recollected one from late 2011, which featured certain landmarks and incidents - a dream to which I would return later in the year.

In addition, dreams in which I was a sorcerer kept cropping up. One of my favourites was recorded here. Sometimes, in my dreams, I'd get to the good spot just as the alarm went off.


Those landmarks turned up in other dreams, where I found myself travelling to various venues: inhabited apartments; an adult movie theatre; my friend's place in Texas; amphitheatres and lecture halls; the red carpet. Sometimes, the travel was more important; sometimes, though, the destination was far more interesting than the journey there.

The Waiting Stars

And then I dreamed big.

Whether I dreamed of galaxies, the Traveller space opera roleplaying game or being a walking Type II civilisation helping out in Stargate SG-1 or witnessing a Starfleet recruitment drive, I never strayed far from the realms of science fiction.

More Magic and Fantasy

That's not to say I stopped enjoying my fantastic dreams, either. In fact, my fantasy dreams just served to inspire my writings, whether I was discussing elementalism and Man, or cloning dead babies. I even questioned the purpose of the fantasy genre, and where it should be taking us.

Mongoose Publishing's Legend fantasy roleplaying game featured heavily this year in my dreams. It was natural that I would discuss aspects of it at several key points throughout the year. Or run scenarios in my dreams.

Legend inspired me to dream of ideas which ended up in featured articles which I have submitted for possible future publication; features, part of which I have discussed here and here. And here I discussed the restoration of The Veil in the fantasy genre.

Strange, Strange Creatures

Some of my dreams featured the animal kingdom. But never your standard dogs and cats. Oh, no. They had to be exotic.

One of my favourite dreams concerned butterflies; Outliers; luminescent butterflies, not moths, that flew late at night. They were beautiful.

Maybe just a bit scarier, though, were the snake dreams. Snake dreams such as this beauty. And this one, which took place in the house where I grew up.


I mentioned having dreams about family before. I have two sisters, now; but I also used to have a brother, Sean. I've mentioned him above already. But while I've dreamed of him elsewhere this year, the only other sibling I have dreamed of this year has been my sister Bird.

And in the major dream I had of her, she is irrepressible.


Two other dreams themed around games and gaming, unrelated to roleplaying games, entertained me this year. One was about a strange variant of chess. The other was a hilarious one about winning the lotto.

A Fine Romance

I think my anima wants to go to bed with me. She's put it to me plenty of times this year.

I have been her human furniture. I have been snogged by her when she was Lara Pulver; she has gone to bed with me as a guy, been seduced by me on the altar of my Temple. She has invited me into her redbrick home and let me hypnotise her. She has let me seduce her at conventions, willingly letting me use hypnosis on her while using the pretext of helping her to temporarily quit smoking.

There is intimacy in these dreams.

Action And Adventure

Beyond the dreams already mentioned above, two dreams featured all-out action. One was a fun little romp in a hotel which was a crappy little hole, but which became the venue for some sort of all-out robbery invasion.

The other has turned out to be the most-viewed of my blog posts this year: The See-Through Invasion, my dream of cloaked, phased aliens living among humans and their galactic war with their cannibalistic rivals.

End of the Year

This has been a fun first year for my little dream blog.

I've had plenty of dreams over the 365 days of this year, including many which I loved at the time, but which I sadly forgot all too quickly upon waking. Dream diaries do help, but it's getting into the habit of writing in them immediately that is the bind. I have a new dream diary for 2014, and I've written a few dreams into it already, including the four-part dream I posted a few nights back, and a handful of new dreams which I will be stockpiling for future releases.

These were the dreams of 2013. Here's hoping that the dreams of 2014 will be just as scintillating - if not moreso.

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